Our Mission

We're unlocking the solar potential of Australia's rentals, generating returns for Owners and savings for Tenants.

We're one small part of the big transition to an affordable, clean energy future.



Our Story


SunTenants was founded by Dr Bjorn Sturmberg with the support of the Sidney Myer Fund. Dr Sturmberg has a PhD in physics from the University of Sydney, where his research into improving solar cell efficiency was awarded funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. 

While completing his PhD, Dr Sturmberg spearheaded the first installation of a solar and storage system in an Australian apartment. This multi-award winning system now supplies the 40 low-income residents of Stucco Co-operative with the majority of their energy and has slashed their bills by half.

The Stucco project highlighted the inequity of rentals being locked out of the solar revolution that is sweeping across Australia’s owner-occupier properties, over 1.8 million of which have solar. This exclusion is holding back Australia's transition to a sustainable future and leaves tenants exposed to skyrocketing electricity prices.

Motivated and informed by the success of the Stucco project, Dr Sturmberg founded SunTenants as a for-purpose enterprise that's unlocking the vast solar potential of Australia’s rentals.

SunTenants delivers great outcomes and experiences for everyone: property owners, tenants, and property managers. Sign up for our newsletter and be part of our story.

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg and Stucco President Sarah King amongst Stucco's solar panels.   Photo: Katherine Griffiths, City of Sydney

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg and Stucco President Sarah King amongst Stucco's solar panels.

Photo: Katherine Griffiths, City of Sydney

Our Principles



Life's too short for complicated bills

Solar is a beautifully simple technology, and we believe installing solar on a rental property should be equally simple.

We work hard behind the scenes to present the value of your solar system in $ terms: a $/week rental increase, and the measured $/week saved on power bills.

Our solution avoids the hassle of additional contracts or bills, and our lightweight business model maximises the value for owners and tenants by minimising service fees to $95 p.a.

The energy industry has hidden behind complicated pricing and fine print for too long, we're here to empower you with simple solar.




Value must be explicit to be shared

Sun powered rentals are a win-win, where the value of solar is shared between owners and tenants.

To ensure the value is shared fairly we monitor the solar system's output and the property's energy use.

We keep everyone informed with real time solar output and bill savings on our website, and solar savings statements sent to Owners and Tenants quarterly.


Transparency builds trust

Our sole commitment is to our customers.

Our transparent business model has seen us win multiple partnerships with the leading councils, and electricity network companies.

We work with only the very best solar installers who share our commitment to all round quality as a cornerstone of building a brighter tomorrow.

We're totally independent of energy companies and funded by the philanthropic Myer Foundation.