2017 Award Season

SunTenants was born out of my experience leading the Stucco Solar + Storage project.

This project took up an unbelievable amount of my time in 2015 and 2016, so it was a welcome change in 2017 to sit back and just watch the kWh of clean power flow out of the 114 solar panels during the day (you can watch it too here) and out of the 36 batteries during the evening.

The only work that remained for 2017 was to pick up a couple of awards :)

Throughout the year the Stucco team and I were surprised and delighted to be awarded:

  • A Green Globe Award from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • A Solar Design and Installation of the Year Award from the Clean Energy Council
  • The Tenant Lead Initiative Award from the Australasian Housing Institute

While fancy glassware never featured on our list of motivations, it sure was satisfying to have the community appreciate our hard work and recognise the importance of the challenge we worked on in providing all Australians with access to cheap clean power!

update: you can read about the 5 biggest impacts of the solar + storage system in its first year of operation here.

Bjorn Sturmberg