Helping former customers of Matter Solar

SunTenants is keen to hear from former customers of Matter Solar, another company servicing solar on rental properties which went into financial administration in May.

Matter's approach to solar on rentals was for landlords to sell solar power to tenants, with Matter providing the monitoring device and managing the metering and billing of tenants. Managing energy billing is quite a lot of work, so Matter also was charging landlords $168 per annum for the service.

SunTenants uses a distinctly different approach that eliminates the costs and complexities of additional contracts and billing. Our solution is to capture the increased value of sun-powered rentals in the standard rent. This way owners and tenants receive more of the value generated by the solar system, with SunTenants charging $95 p.a. ex GST to monitor the solar system's health and tenants' solar savings.

We've already been asked to help a number of former Matter customers to switch across to SunTenants. This way, landlords' solar systems are monitored and they can replace any income from selling solar power to the electricity grid with increased rental income. Thankfully SunTenants' monitoring hardware is 70% less expensive than Matter's, so it's affordable to make the switch.

If you're a Matter customer looking to revive your solar investment, please email us.

Bjorn Sturmberg