New study confirms that solar systems increase property values

SunTenants is founded on the understanding that high quality properties are high value properties, and that Liveability Features such power bill slashing solar systems increase a property's quality and value.

New research from real estate firm PRD Nationwide in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has now shown that properties with liveability features sold on average 13 days quicker and the median sale price was 10 per cent higher than properties without such features. It found sustainable properties outperformed conventional competitors environmentally, socially and financially.

These finding back up a 2015 study from and Origin Energy, which found that 85% of Australians identify solar rooftop panels as something which adds to a property’s value.

In the 2015 study, solar was the primary feature that respondents associated with green living, and three quarters of renters said they would pay additional rent to live in a property with solar energy - which is a fraction that SunTenants is helping move closer to unity through our provision of transparent solar savings data!

These property specific studies build on the outstandingly strong support for renewable energy generally, with 86% of Australians place solar energy in their top three choices of energy for Australia according to the 2016 Climate of the Nation report.


Solar has always been a great way to increase your property's capital value, and with SunTenants owners can now also enjoy an immediate cashflow benefit through increased rent!

Bjorn Sturmberg