Solar benefits calculator

This tool lets you explore the shared value of solar on your rental property.


We hope it gets you excited and that you'll share the proposal with your owner/tenant/agent.

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kWh per annum

Owner's Return

Owners receive ongoing returns from higher rent.

The estimated system cost is ${{ outputs.solarCost }}, with a payback within {{ outputs.ownerPaybackPeriod | roundTo(1) }} years.

${{ outputs.solarCost / 1000 | roundTo(1) }}k Estimated solar system cost
{{ outputs.ownerIRR | roundTo(1) }}% Internal Rate of Return
{{ outputs.ownerROI | roundTo(1) }}% Simplified Return on Investment

Tenant's Benefit

Tenants save more on their power bills than they pay in extra rent.

The estimated net saving is ${{ outputs.tenantNetSavingsAnnual | roundTo(0) }} each year, from the {{ outputs.solarOutput }} kWh of solar energy.

${{ outputs.tenantNetSavingsAnnual | roundTo(0) }} Estimated annual savings for tenants
${{ outputs.rentIncreaseAnnual/52 | roundTo(0) }} Weekly rental increase
{{ outputs.CO2Saved | roundTo(1) }} Tonnes of CO2 saved per annum

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