Your Solar Potential

Here's our sun powered rental proposition, we hope you find it as exciting as we do :)

Please email yourself a copy and share it with your owner/tenant/agent.

We're here to empower you to go solar!


kWh per annum

Owner's Return

Owners receive ongoing returns from higher rent.

The estimated system cost is ${{ outputs.solarCost }}, with a payback within {{ outputs.ownerPaybackPeriod | roundTo(1) }} years.

${{ outputs.solarCost / 1000 | roundTo(1) }}k Estimated solar system cost
{{ outputs.ownerIRR | roundTo(1) }}% Internal Rate of Return
{{ outputs.ownerROI | roundTo(1) }}% Simplified Return on Investment

Tenant's Benefit

Tenants save more on their power bills than they pay in extra rent.

The estimated net saving is ${{ outputs.tenantNetSavingsAnnual | roundTo(0) }} each year.

${{ outputs.tenantNetSavingsAnnual | roundTo(0) }} Estimated annual savings for tenants
${{ outputs.rentIncreaseAnnual/52 | roundTo(0) }} Weekly rental increase
{{ outputs.CO2Saved | roundTo(1) }} Tonnes of CO2 saved per annum
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