Central Coast Duplex


The owner of a duplex property invested $11,780 in two 4.5 kW solar systems.

The tenants of each unit have since been paying $15/week in additional rent, which is providing a return of 16% IRR to the owners over the 25 year life of the solar system (after SunTenants monitoring fees, assuming modest inflation in future electricity prices). The simplified Return on Investment is 13.2%.

The owner told us he's grateful to SunTenants for “offering me the opportunity to do the right thing and to do it in a financially sustainable way.”

The tenant thinks “it’s a great idea! Unless you have your own home, you generally don’t have the option to have solar. The cost of energy is so high - if I can save some money from the solar and it works for the landlord too, that’s great. It would be great if every rental had it.”

The live measurements from the property shows the following:

Savings from the last 12 months

Solar generation from the last 24 hours

Bjorn Sturmberg