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How much money will I make?

Owners typically see returns of 10-20%, depending on the details of their property (eg. location and roof aspect) and the size of the solar system they install. The price of electricity is forecast to increase dramatically in coming years, which will further improve Owner’s returns.

What if I sell my investment property or move into it myself?

Solar systems enhance the value of your property for everyone, including future investors or owner-occupiers, as recognized by the real estate industry Liveability Features. If the future owner lives in the property they can cancel SunTenants services without exit fees and continue to enjoy the solar system and household power monitoring system.

What happens when the property’s Tenant changes?

SunTenants takes care of settling the accounts of old Tenants and the onboarding the new Tenants. Payments to the Owner continue uninterrupted, as long as the property is not left vacant for more than two weeks, in which case payments are frozen until a new Tenant moves in.

Can SunTenants help me get solar on my own home?

Yes, Owners who install solar on multiple properties receive discounts from SunTenants’ trusted installers.

Who takes care of maintenance?

SunTenants’ services include taking care of any maintenance issues that may arise (note solar system’s are generally run for years without needing any maintenance). This is made possible by partnerships with leading providers of remote monitoring and on-site maintenance.

What if I already have solar on my investment property?

Perfect! All you need to do is install a SunTenants meter and then can start capitalising on your investment by charging Tenants for the solar power that’s being produced.

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How much money will I save?

SunTenants’ solar power prices are currently 20-30% cheaper than retail prices. The savings this brings in dollar terms depends on the size of your home’s solar system and how much electricity you use during sunlight hours. We expect the average household to save over $200 per year.

Could having solar make me worse off, if I’m not home much during the day or if the solar system breaks?

No. The SunTenants model is designed to ensure that Tenants only ever save money. In the absolute worst case your household uses no solar power and you’re left buy all your electricity from the grid. SunTenants’ lowest price guarantee ensures you’re always saving money when you use solar power.

What is SunTenants’ lowest price guarantee?

We’re committed to reducing Tenants’ bills. If you find a retail rate that is cheaper than our solar rate we’ll match it (we’ll also be extremely surprised).

Can I choose my own retailer of grid electricity?

Absolutely. Your agreement to buy SunTenants’ solar power is entirely separate from your grid retailer contract, which you are free to select from any company.

What happens to any excess solar power that’s exported to the grid?

Most electricity retailers will pay you a “Feed in Tariff” (FiT) for solar electricity exported to the grid. The FiTs offered by retailers vary, so it is worth shopping around. To balance out the income Tenants receive from their retailer, SunTenants charges Tenants at rates less than or equal to the retailer FiTs for the exported solar electricity.

What happens when I move out?

Your SunTenants contract is automatically closed at the termination of your rental lease. We will send you a final invoice for any outstanding electricity charges and cross our fingers that you move to another sun powered rental!

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How does SunTenants enhance my rental roll?

Solar power is a recognised Liveability Feature that creates happier, potentially longer term tenants. SunTenants strengthens the connection of Owners and Tenants to the property through the solar home monitoring app.

Does the solar system increase the potential sale price of the property?

Yes, the solar system will appeal to both future owner-occupiers and investors as a Liveability Feature that saves occupiers money and delivers additional cash flow to investors. There are now over 1.5 million Australian properties with solar systems.

What is my involvement?

Working with SunTenants is easy. Tenants sign up simultaneously to signing their tenancy agreements and SunTenants handles everything from there on including monitoring, billing, and maintenance.

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Energy Nerds

SunTenants is stoked to be a part of our rapid transition to a low carbon economy and is structured to seamlessly integrate with this future.


Owners who install solar + storage systems are paid a premium, which reflects the greater amount of power such systems can provide to Tenants.


Tenants with ToU retail contracts will receive ToU prices for their SunTenants solar power that is guaranteed to be cheaper than their retail prices.


In the medium term, electricity prices are forecast to continue to increase dramatically, thereby enhancing the value of SunTenants’ solution for everyone. In the distant future, the energy component of bills may be free, because the short run marginal cost of producing renewable energy is negligible, however households producing electricity will still be remunerated and SunTenants will deliver this value to Owners (while Tenants enjoy free electricity).