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How much money will I make?

Owners typically see returns of 10-20%, depending on the suitability of their property and the cost of solar in their area. The price of electricity is forecast to continue to increase dramatically, which will increase the value of the solar system.

What if I sell my investment property or move into it myself?

Solar systems enhance the value of your property for everyone, including future investors or owner-occupiers. Owner's who live in the property can cancel SunTenants' services without exit fees and enjoy the solar system and energy monitoring system.

What happens when the property’s Tenant changes?

New Tenants immediately appreciate the solar savings of the property as this is quantified in the advert. There are no additional steps to the move in proceedure and they will receive solar savings from the moment they take over the electricity account.

Can SunTenants help me get solar on my own home?

Yes, Owners who install solar on multiple properties receive discounts from SunTenants’ trusted installers.

Who takes care of maintenance?

Our system constantly monitors the solar system's performance. If there are any issues we will inform you and your property manager and recommend a local service provider who can carry out the required maintenance. In general solar system's run for years without needing any maintenance.

What if I already have solar on my investment property?

Excellent! All you need to do is install a Wattwatcher smart meter, then SunTenants' can start informing you and your tenants of the property's solar savings.

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How much money will I save?

Tenants typically save hundreds of dollar per year, depending on the solar system size and how they use power. In a Sydney property with a 5kW solar system tenants save $200-$500 if they use 20%-40% of the generated solar power and are on an average electricity plan.

What if I'm not home much during the day?

The solar system won’t be able to reduce your bills as much as if you used lots of power during the day, but it will generate some bill savings because your house still uses power when you’re not home. You may wish to set some appliances on timers to run during the daylight hours while you’re out.

Do I have to do anything extra when moving in?

There's nothing extra for you to do. Just sign your lease and select an electricity plan that pays you for solar power that goes back into the grid.

Can I choose my own retailer of grid electricity?

Absolutely, you are totally free to choose your retailer. Make sure you choose a "solar" plan where the retailer pays you for solar power that's exported to the grid.

What happens to any excess solar power that’s exported to the grid?

Your electricity retailers will pay you a “Feed in Tariff” (FiT) for exported solar power. The FiT rate varies between states and retailers so shop around - be sure to assess both the FiT and the retailers regular rates.

What happens when I move out?

Just the regular stuff. There's nothing extra for you to do. If your new place doesn't have solar you may wish to tell the owner and property manager about SunTenants :)

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How does SunTenants enhance my rental roll?

Solar power is a recognised Liveability Feature that creates happier, potentially longer term tenants. SunTenants strengthens the connection of Owners and Tenants to the property through the solar home monitoring app.

Does the solar system increase the potential sale price of the property?

Yes, the solar system will appeal to both future owner-occupiers and investors as a Liveability Feature that saves occupiers money and delivers additional cash flow to investors. There are now over 1.7 million Australian properties with solar systems.

What is my involvement?

Working with SunTenants is easy. There's no additional forms, just a couple of conditions to add to the lease.

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Energy Nerds

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SunTenants is stoked to be a part of our rapid transition to a low carbon economy and is structured to seamlessly integrate with this future.

What about batteries?

Batteries are currently very rare in rental properties and are varied in nature. SunTenants will calculate a bespoke rent increase for properties with solar + storage systems. Send your system details

What about time of use tariffs?

Customers with solar who are on ToU pricing tend to enjoy even greater savings than those calculated by SunTenants because most solar power is generated during the more expensive peak and shoulder periods.

What if energy is free in the future?

In the medium term, electricity prices are forecast to continue to increase (dramatically), only enhancing the value of sun powered rentals for everyone. In a potential distant future renewable energy may become so abundant that the energy component of bills may be negligible, however even if this were to eventuate we believe households producing electricity will still be remunerated in some form, which we will adapt to.