Sun Powered Rentals

Income for Owners, Savings for Tenants, Better Environment for All


We're empowering you

to unlock the solar potential of your rental.

How does it work?

We analyse solar systems and calculate a fair increase in properties' rent that balances the returns to owners and the savings of tenants.


Owners install the solar panels

Tenants pay extra rent, but save a lot more on bills

We monitor the system and ensure everyone's benefiting


How do I Benefit?

I'm an Owner

Capitalise on your investment

with enhanced property value and increased rental yields equivalent to over 10% rates of return on the solar investment.

Invest in the future

of sustainable buildings and cheap clean energy for everyone.

A simple, streamlined process

guided by our energy experts and industry leading partners.

Be recognised

as an innovative impact investor.
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I'm a Tenant

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

by hundreds of dollars a year with solar power from your roof.

Be Empowered

to use your home more effectively with home energy app.

Enjoy the convenience

of solar without any additional transactions.

Be part of the sun powered rental revolution

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             I'm a Property Manager

Work with an investor that understands The Importance of capitalizing their properties over time, increasing the value and attractiveness of the property for rent or sale.

Oversight of process

from engagement with the owner to installation and engagement with the tenant.

Enjoy Strengthened Relationships

between owner and tenant. Adding Liveability Features to your property delivers the opportunity for happier long term tenants.

Enhance Reputation

as a future focused property manager.

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