Our role


Solar systems increase property values because they reduce residents energy bills.

But it’s hard to know exactly how valuable a solar system is; quality, age, and orientation all play a role.

We solve this challenge by monitoring solar system's energy production and property's electricity usage.

We make the value of solar clear by providing savings reports not only to current tenants, but also to prospective ones. This data can put a dollar value on your property’s solar system.



Our services

We’re not solar installers or energy retailers, we’re a trusted third party.

Pre-install, we communicate the shared value of solar to owners and tenants and help all parties to get on board.

Our calculator sets a fair rent increase for your property, based on its location and the proposed solar system.

Post-install, we provide the tenant with access to the Solar Analytics dashboard, allowing them to clearly see how much their solar system is producing and how much they are saving on their energy bills.

In addition, we will provide monthly reporting of solar production to landlords and property managers, as well as fault notifications to all parties.


We use award winning Solar Analytics monitoring devices.


We charge a flat annual subscription fee of $100 per monitoring device. This covers our automated fault notifications, all reporting, tennant access to the solar analytics dashboard, and all mobile data costs.

Solar rental journey