Our Supporters


We're proud to have been funded by the philanthropic Sidney Myer Fund through the Myer Innovation Fellowship program.

If you're working on an idea to change the world for the better, you may wish to look at this outstanding program.



Weldonco are the managers of the CSIRO's Centre for Liveability Real Estate Program.

We've benefited enormously from their decades worth of insights into the rental market.

Our Project Partners

We are delighted to have been selected to work in partnership with the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL), who are an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne's inner north.

MEFL is dedicated to tackling climate change by working with communities, partners and governments to implement sustainable energy projects. Together SunTenants and MEFL are promoting the installation of solar on rental properties in their local area.

Our Technology Partners

We’re proud to use multi-award winning hardware manufactured by Sydney company Wattwatchers, who have been in operation since 2007 and were recently invested in my the Australian Government's Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Wattwatchers’ smart monitoring devices record energy flows on a 5 second timescale and make this data reliably available by sending it to the cloud via the 3G mobile network.

We use Wattwatchers devices to record the power generated by the solar system and the power used by the property, which allows us to calculate the full amount tenants have saved on their power bills as well as monitoring the health of the solar system.

Our Trusted Solar Installers

We work with only the very best solar installers.

Our installers have all been in operation for more than 10 years, excelling due to their commitment to quality products and services. We've chosen to work with them because we're confident that they'll continue to flourish in the coming next decades, providing you with ongoing services and peace of mind.

Our select list of installers currently includes:

  • Energy Matters
  • Solaray Energy

  • Solargain

  • Solgen Energy

  • Smart Commercial Solar

  • Todae Solar

  • Planet Ark Power