Sun Powered Rentals

Our Story


SunTenants was founded by Dr Bjorn Sturmberg with the support of the Sidney Myer Fund. Dr Sturmberg has a PhD in physics from the University of Sydney, where his research into improving solar cell efficiency was awarded funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. 

While completing his PhD, Dr Sturmberg spearheaded the first installation of a solar and storage system in an Australian apartment. This multi-award winning system now supplies the 40 low-income residents of Stucco Co-operative with the majority of their energy and has slashed their bills by half.

The Stucco project highlighted the inequity of rentals being locked out of the solar revolution that is sweeping across Australia’s owner-occupier properties, over 1.6 million of which have solar. This exclusion is holding back Australia's transition to a sustainable future and leaves tenants exposed to skyrocketing electricity prices that are driving soaring levels of energy poverty.

Motivated and informed by the success of the Stucco project, Dr Sturmberg founded SunTenants as a for-purpose social enterprise that is unlocking the vast solar potential of Australia’s rentals, delivering great outcomes and experiences for everyone: property owners, tenants, and property managers.

Our story has just begun, signup to help solar power our rentals!

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg and Stucco President Sarah King amongst Stucco's solar panels. Photo: Katherine Griffiths, City of Sydney

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg and Stucco President Sarah King amongst Stucco's solar panels.

Photo: Katherine Griffiths, City of Sydney

Our Mission

Bring solar to the 1 in 3 Australian properties currently locked out because they're rented.

Enhance properties for Owners, Tenants, and Property Managers.

Help transition Australia to an affordable, clean energy future.


Our Values



Sharing is at the heart of what we do. We share the value of solar with Owners and Tenants, and we share the value of our business with Property Managers and our partner companies.


We're driven to achieve impact. We want to see all Australians and Australian properties have access to affordable and clean solar power. We're a lean social enterprise whose low overheads leave the maximum amount of value for Owners and Tenants.


We believe the only way to grow trust is to be transparent, and the best way to be transparent is to provide direct access to data. We keep all parties up-to-date with clear data that provides apples-to-apples comparisons. We are starting to fix the desperate lack of trust in our energy and housing markets.



Our Partners