I want to sun power my rental!

This is where rental property owners sign up with SunTenants to sun power their rental.

Suntenants Obligations

  • SunTenants will not interfere with the meter that connects the property to the electricity grid and tenants continue to have free choice of electricity retail offers. 
  • SunTenants will not lay any ownership claims to the solar system and meter.
  • SunTenants will rent the solar system and meter equipment from the owner for a fixed fee that is determined by the size of the system and is paid monthly.
  • SunTenants will ensure the meter is functioning accurately. 
  • SunTenants will monitor the solar system and, if we detect an issue with the system's performance, will arrange for maintenance to occur. We will notify you of the issue, the time and date scheduled for maintenance, and an estimate of the cost. If maintenance costs less than $200 we will pay for it, and then deduct the amount from your rental payments.
  • SunTenants may terminate the contract if the owner breaches the terms and conditions, or for any reason if we give 60 days’ notice.
  • SunTenants will treat your personal data confidentially - see our Privacy Policy.
  • SunTenants may publises the solar systems data in anonymised form - see our Privacy Policy.


Owner Obligations

  • I agree to notify SunTenants of the contact details of new tenants, or arrange an agreed to third party to do so.
  • I agree that the term of the contract is 5 years, and then continues on a rolling month to month basis.
  • I agree to not interfere with the solar system or meter, including avoiding overshadowing where possible. 
  • I agree to that SunTenants may access the property in an emergency or for urgent repairs, and that SunTenants will seek access permission directly from the tenant in order to carry out maintenance.
  • I agree to pay service providers directly and in reasonable time if the cost of maintenance exceeds $200.
  • I agree that SunTenants and I will negotiate a new rental rate if the system is underperforming for more than 28 days, or that the contract may be terminated.
  • I agree to notify SunTenants if the property is likely to be vacant for more than two weeks. If a longer vacancy eventuates I agree that SunTenants may withhold rental payments for the period of vacancy. 
  • I acknowledge that I may terminate the contract if SunTenants does not perform their obligations or are in breach the terms and conditions, and that I may also terminate the contract for any reason by giving 60 days’ notice.
  • I agree that this contract is terminated if the Solar Power Purchase Agreement with the tenant is terminated.
  • I understand that SunTenants has the right to terminate our agreement by giving 60 days’ notice, or 10 days’ notice under certain circumstances where I have not complied with my obligations.
  • I acknowledge that SunTenants has full ownership rights over the data recorded by the meter.
  • I agree my relationship with SunTenants will be governed by the full Terms and Conditions and I have read and agree to the full Terms and Conditions.


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