Sun Powered Rentals

Income for Owners, Savings for Tenants, Better Environment for All


We empower you

to unlock your sun powered rental potential

Our Solution

Owners pay for the solar system

We calculate a fair rent increase, proportional to size of solar

Tenants pay increased rent but save a lot more on their bills

We monitor the system and ensure everyone's benefiting


Today's Performance

100% of Tenants are Saving

Our monitoring data reveals the following average yearly performance

Our Impact

We've unlocked $46,271 of investments that are delivering owners rates of return of 15%.

SunTenants solar systems have

  • generated over 21,000 kWh of clean energy,

  • saved tenants over $3,500 on their power bills with net savings of over $1,200,

  • saved the atmosphere over 16 tonnes of carbon emissions.

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6 Small Steps to Solar

1) Use our calculator to assess your property’s sun powered rental potential

2) Discuss the solar opportunity with your tenant/landlord (using the calculated value proposition)

3) Once you both agree in principle we'll get an installer to design a system for you, confirming the rent increase and return on investment

4) To confirm the install, tenants sign our lease update form and owners pay the solar deposit

5) Solar is installed & tenants start paying new rent rate

6) You receive our quarterly solar savings reports & can access live data on our website

Your Rental

Sun powered rentals are an exciting opportunity for Australia's rentals.

Register now, or request a call back to discuss your property's solar potential.

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