Solar power, let me at it!

This form is where the tenants of SunTenants sun powered rentals signup to buy solar power.


Suntenants Obligations

  • SunTenants will not interfere with your grid electricity meter and you continue to have free choice of electricity retailer.
  • SunTenants will monitor and maintain the solar kit as well as our meter.
  • SunTenants will not charge you for maintenance unless you have caused damages.
  • SunTenants will ensure our meter is functioning accurately.
  • SunTenants will bill you monthly.
  • SunTenants will offer you our lowest price guarantee, whereby if the rate charged by your electricity retailer is lower than the rate we charge for solar power you use, we will reduce our rate to be less than the rate charged by your electricity retailer as soon as we receive your notification including written evidence of the retailer's rates.

  • SunTenants will treat your personal data confidentially, sharing it only with our billing provider - see our Privacy Policy.
  • SunTenants may share or publish your electricity data in anonymised form - see our Privacy Policy.


Application of Australian Consumer Law

This agreement is covered by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The ACL gives you a number of rights and protections, including protection against unfair terms and misleading conduct. It also gives you the benefit of the consumer guarantees set out in the ACL, which means we will generally be required to supply goods and services to a certain standard. If we do not do so, we may be required to provide a remedy.

This agreement is separate to your contracts with your licensed electricity retailer and distributor, which are subject to your state or territory’s electricity legislation (e.g. in Victoria this is the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic)).


Tenant Obligations

  • I agree to purchase all electricity produced by the solar kit.

  • I agree to not interfere with or attempt to repair the solar kit or meter.
  • I agree to pay SunTenants 20 c/kWh for solar power that I use, and that in some limited circumstances this rate may vary in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  • I agree to pay SunTenants 12 c/kWh for solar power that I don't use, and that is exported to the grid. It is my responsibility to choose a retail electricity contract that credits me for this electricity.
  • I agree to pay SunTenants the amount shown on my bill within 30 days of receiving it.

  • I agree that this contract will typically remain in place for the duration of my tenancy.
  • I agree that SunTenants and I will negotiate an increase to SunTenants’ rates if the law changes and materially increases SunTenants’ costs.

  • I agree to that SunTenants may access the property in an emergency or for urgent repairs, and I will grant access if SunTenants requests to carry out maintenance.

  • I acknowledge that SunTenants has full ownership rights over the data recorded by their meter.
  • I understand that SunTenants has the right to terminate our agreement by giving 60 days’ notice, or 10 days’ notice under certain circumstances where I have not complied with my obligations.

  • I agree my relationship with SunTenants, including my purchase of electricity from SunTenants, will be governed by the full Terms and Conditions and I have read and agree to the fullTerms and Conditions.

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